Keeping Your Car Clean And Avoiding Cabin Odors

Keeping your car's exterior in good condition will be an important step in preserving its resale value while also keeping the vehicle looking its best. Cleaning and detailing an automobile can seem like it is a simple task, but there are numerous problems and issues that you may not be sure about handling.

Why Should You Keep The Wheels Clean?

When cleaning a car's exterior, individuals will often focus most or all of their attention on the body of the vehicle. This can lead to them neglecting the wheels. Unfortunately, failing to keep the wheels of the vehicle clean can have damaging impacts. For example, dirt on the wheel can migrate to the brakes, which can prevent the vehicle from being able to be easily stopped. Due to these hazards, the wheels of your vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, and you may want to give them a quick rinse after driving over unpaved roads or other extremely dirty surfaces.

How Can Tree Sap Be Removed Without Damaging The Paint?

Tree sap getting on the exterior paint of your vehicle can be a common problem. When this sap gets on the vehicle's exterior, it can cause significant damage if it is not removed. Unfortunately, the tree sap can harden, which can also make it difficult to remove without taking some of the paint with it. To safely and effectively remove the tree sap, you can use an auto-safe degreaser. These substances are able to dissolve the tree sap so that it can be easily wiped away without damaging the paint. It is important to only use products that are labeled as safe for use on auto paint as industrial or commercial grade degreaser may be too strong to safely be used on automotive paint.

What Are Effective Odor Control Strategies For Your Car's Interior?

Odors developing in the cabin of the vehicle is another of the issues that car owners will spend much of their time addressing. Unfortunately, some individuals assume that simply vacuuming and using car air fresheners will be sufficient for preventing these odors. However, these steps will be insufficient if you are failing to regularly change the cabin air filter. Many of the stubborn cabin odors that cars develop can be the result of failing to properly maintain this air filter. Ideally, it should be changed every few months so that it will be as effective as possible at removing these odors. Filters that have become excessively dirty can actually contribute to foul smells in the cabin as the odors they have absorbed may seep out.

For more help, contact a car wash in your area.