Keeping Your Truck Running Right And Safe For The Road

If you operate a large truck like a commercial truck or semi, you know how important it is to keep it running properly. A truck that is not running right can keep you from completing the job you have, which can make it harder to get future work. The solution is to keep the truck maintained and ready to work.

Basic Maintenance

Starting with the everyday items, check your truck over before you take it out on the road. Take a minute and check the tires, brakes, oil and coolant levels, make sure the lights work, and everything in the cab that you need is working properly. These little things that you use every day can become big issues if they go unnoticed. If you find a problem, correctly it before starting out on the road for the day, If you don't know how to fix it, take the truck in for service and have the mechanic at the shop take care of it for you.

Engine Or Transmission Problems

If you are experiencing a problem with the engine or transmission in your truck, you should take the truck to a service center and have it checked. Sometimes something very minor can cause a large problem if it is not taken care of right away. When you take the truck in, clearly explain the problem so the mechanic knows where to start looking. Sometimes the only information they have is from the person driving the truck and since you are in it daily, you will notice things that others may not.

Heat and Air Conditioning

While this might sound a little funny, the heat and air conditioning are critical to keeping the truck comfortable to drive. If it is too hot and too cold, you will not want to drive it very far. The defroster for the front windshield is important in climates where the glass fogs or ice builds up. The HVAC system on the truck should be in working order but if it is not, get the truck back to the truck center and have them look it over. Most of the time the a/c is not the issue. Often it is the compressor, the coolant level needs to be filled. Check those small items first they call the garage if you need help getting the truck started. They may send out a tow truck or they may send out a mechanic, that way they cover all the bases. Work with them but lets them figure out the issue if you can. If you take your truck to a factory shop, you are more likely to get the job done right the first time.

Contact a shop, like Color Country Diesel Inc, for more help.