Deciding On The Best Wheelchair Van For Your Spouse

If your spouse was injured or developed a medical condition that resulted in the need to use a wheelchair to be mobile, you're probably struggling with ways to get around. Using a wheelchair transportation service can be pricey when you use it for things like going to the store or visiting friends. While city buses can often accommodate wheelchair passengers, it is inconvenient to catch a bus when the weather is bad or during peak times of the day. Having your own wheelchair van is the ideal solution. Here's a look at your choices when it comes to buying a wheelchair van.

Buy A New Van

You can buy ready-made wheelchair vans brand new from a dealer. One advantage of a new van is that you shouldn't have to worry about mechanical problems for a few years as long as you maintain it properly. This is worth considering if you plan to take trips across the country or do frequent traveling. When you buy a new van, you can choose the options you like. You may need a van that carries a wheelchair passenger, but if your spouse intends to drive the van too, you'll need a van that's adapted for that purpose. If you shop on a dealer's lot with several options, you'll get to choose the vehicle model and color as well as the handicap features you like, which you might prefer if the van will be your primary vehicle.

Buy A Used Wheelchair Van

There are advantages to buying a used wheelchair van even though your options may be more limited. Vans are built to give you many years and miles of service. When you buy a used van, you can save money when compared to buying a new one. As long as the van has been maintained well, it could be a dependable source of transportation even if it has a lot of miles on it. When you buy a used wheelchair van, you can buy from a private seller or a dealer. Buying from a dealer may give you a little more protection, but you'll want to check out a wheelchair van the same way you check out any other used vehicle. In addition, you should check the lifts and other adaptations to make sure the van fits your needs.

Convert Your Own Van

If you currently own a van or plan to buy one, then you may want to consider converting it into a wheelchair van. This requires some major modifications such as lowering the floor and installing a ramp on the side or back of the van. If your van is fairly new and in good shape, a conversion may be a good option. One advantage of converting your own van is that you'll get exactly the modifications you want and you won't have to settle for what you can find available on an auto lot.

You'll want to visit a dealer and look at several different wheelchair vans before you decide which option is best for you. If you're new to life with a wheelchair, you may not realize yet which options are essential for your ease and convenience. An experienced dealer will explain all the options available and help you choose the best van for your spouse's needs. To learn more, contact a company like Lone Star Handicap Vans.