Effectively Using A Tow Truck Light Bar

A tow truck light bar is an important part of keeping your tow truck safe. The lights allow for your truck to be seen even during the worst visibility, reducing the risk of an accident. For the light bar to do its job, it must be protected and must be attached properly. You must also make sure that the lights flash in a pattern that will be effective.

Protecting Your Lights

Some of the best tow truck light bars come with rugged plastic that protect the modules from any environment the tow truck light bar might be exposed to. Tow truck light bars often come with switch boxes that can power each part of the tow light bar. This makes it easier to shut the light bar off when it won't be needed. 

Securing Light Bars

Tow truck light bars usually come with extension cables and brackets for mounting the light bar. These are necessary for properly connecting the tow truck bar to the truck regardless of the type of truck you own.

The Importance of LEDs

LED technology makes your tow truck light bar more beautiful and efficient. By using less energy, the light bar places less of a strain on your battery. The LED lights are cooler and do not burn out as easily. They also do not generate a glare that can distract other drivers.

Gaining Attention with Flash Patterns

Tow trucks must use flash patterns that grab attention and hold attention. In addition to being bright, a well-designed tow truck light bar uses many distinct flash patterns to prevent other motorists from colliding with the tow truck as it performs work. 

Having multiple flash patterns will also allow for a flash pattern to be chosen that will be more visible in contrast with the background. Fatal accidents often result from motorists not noticing that a tow truck driver has exited the vehicle while helping a stranded motorist.

Using the Right Color Com

The right color combinations and pattern are especially important in cities where lights are less likely to be noticed thanks to the presence of other lights. For tow trucks, the most common color combination is red and amber. Red and white or red and blue should not be used because they are associated with police services. Lights must not flash too fast because the human eye may not be able to detect the light.