Three Little Things That Can Make A Big Difference When Buying A Used Semi-Truck

Many people who choose to buy a used semi-truck are so focused on making sure the big issues (e.g. engine quality, maintenance) are satisfactory they forget to check the little things that can also have a major impact on whether they will enjoy owning the vehicle or not. Here are three little things you should also look into when shopping for a used semi-truck.

Check the Quality of the Truck Bed

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration restricts truck drivers to being behind the wheel of their vehicles for no more than 11 hours a day, after which they must be off duty for at least 10 hours. This is to prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel, which is a common cause of accidents involving semi-trucks.

Although it's best to stay in a hotel or motel for the night, this isn't always possible or affordable. Therefore, if you expect you will on the road for days at a time, you want to ensure the semi-truck you purchase has a bed in the back that is in good condition so you can get some rest. Since the mattress quality can affect the quality of sleep you get, you want to make sure it is firm but not too hard, doesn't smell or has bed bugs, and is actually large enough for you to fit on.

However, these mattresses are typically removable, so don't fret if the one in the truck doesn't meet your requirements. Just be sure the base (if any) it sits on is sturdy and budget your money so you can purchase a replacement mattress as soon as possible.

The Truck Seat Should Be Comfortable Too

The nice thing about purchasing a used semi-truck is that you generally don't have to break in the driver's seat; it should already have that lived-in feel. At the same time, there's also a higher chance the driver's seat may be too worn out to provide adequate body support, which may result in you getting tired faster while on the road.

Inspect the seat to ensure there aren't any holes where internal springs or other parts can pop out and poke you in uncomfortable places. There should still be a good amount of cushioning on the seat and back to support your body, and the armrests should still function properly. Lastly, take a test drive to judge the suspension system. Take note if there is little to no bouncing or too much, as both can make long drives extremely uncomfortable.

As with the bed, you can always replace the driver's seat with a new one. However, if you have a choice between two used semi- trucks, choose the one with the better quality driver's seat.

Make Sure Doors Are Rust Free

The third thing you should inspect closely is the doors to make sure they're rust free. Sometimes even trucks that are adequately maintained will have doors that have sustained environmental damage, because certain areas just aren't checked frequently or thoroughly. For instance, it's not unusual to find rust forming in the area where the door connects to the truck.

Untreated rust spots can lead to even more problems, such as holes or doors that don't close properly. You may even fail an inspection if you have rust in areas that compromise the vehicle's safety. Therefore, if you do find rust, calculate how much it will take to fix the issue and add that onto the truck's price.

For more information about these issues or help locating a semi-truck that fits your needs, contact a local dealer like Arrow Truck Sales.